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The Art of Fine Wine Collection

15th June 2017

Some people collect art, some collect timeless pieces of jewellery, but others take part in the true art of fine collection: Wine. A collection of fine wine can bring just as much
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Pouring red wine

Wines of the Shanxi Region

6th June 2017

French chateaus and Italian vineyards are the typical scenes of winemaking. One that many see as being challenged by the rise of New World wine. No longer are wines from Chile, Australia
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The Grapes of Wrath: Viking Wine

5th June 2017

Modern Norway, Denmark, and Sweden is the homeland of the Vikings; fearsome warriors who lived from the late eighth century to the early 11th century. They travelled great distances to settle in
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Wines of Argentina

17th May 2017

Being the fifth largest producer of wine after New Zealand, South Africa, Spain and France, Argentina’s roots are grounded originally in Spain – it even shares many characteristics of this country’s cuisine
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