Wine Removal Service from Spiral Cellars

Moving house is stressful enough without the added anxiety of how to move your prized wine collection without incident. With the Spiral Cellars Wine Relocation Service, there is no longer any need to worry. Our experienced wine removal service team will carefully re-locate your treasured collection from one property or country to another, ensuring minimum disturbance in the process.

As part of our wine removal service, our team gently move wine by removing bottles by hand and individually wrap them before packing them in hay-lined boxes. This minimises vibration during transport. Throughout the entire process, your collection is fully and comprehensively insured, with all the logistics of moving wine considered.

A Service That’s Personalised to Your Requirements

The Wine Relocation Service is available to all wine collectors, regardless of whether their wine is stored in a Spiral Cellar or in alternative storage. The wine removal service can be tailored to a client’s individual requirements with options that include:

  • Having an itemised cellar inventory undertaken prior to removal.
  • Temporarily storing your collection in a secure and fully climate-controlled environment should your new cellar not yet be ready to receive it.
  • Having the wine professionally unpacked and placed in your new cellar as per your particular requirements, or replicating exactly how it was stored in your old cellar. Or, if you prefer, we can leave you to unpack the wine yourself.

Should you be interested in this service, please contact one of our Customer Advisors

Telephone: 0203 815 3329