Tim Atkin

“..The hype about the 2015 burgundies has overshadowed the release of the 2014’s, yet almost everyone who has tasted the 2014s agree that they are fantastic at their best, combining acidity with concentration, precision with fruit weight. Anyone who loves white Burgundy will be keen to own a few cases and put them in their cellars. The reds are attractive and full of fruit, likely to afford lots of drinking pleasure, but it’s the whites that are special…”

Tim Atkin, Master of Wine


Having tasted 2,000 plus wines in Burgundy (all of which are listed in the back of the report), and having attended a marathon 17 tastings in six days back in London, Tim’s take on the 2014 burgundys is based on a considerable amount of work. His conclusion is that it’s an exceptional vintage for white wines, from one end of Burgundy to the other, and an under-rated one for reds. The alcohol levels are moderate in most cases (between 12 and 13%), the acidity levels are excellent and the fruit, both white and red, is supremely seductive.

Tim didn’t buy many wines en primeur in 2013, his reasoning being that they would be available for some time to come and that, with very few exceptions, they weren’t world-class. But he confesses to having bought a lot of cases of the 2014s, particularly of the whites and advises owners of Spiral Cellars, to follow suit because 2015, with all its vintage of the century baggage, will be with us before we know it.

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