What is a Spiral Cellar?

A Spiral Cellar is an an entirely natural underground cellar, capable of holding up to 1900 bottles of wine in full cellaring conditions. It can be installed under any ground floor room and doesn’t require an existing cellar or basement. Built from engineered concrete, a Spiral Cellar can either be fitted cleanly into a finished room, or form part of a new house build, extension or refurbishment project. Installation usually takes no more than between three and nine days and as it creates surprisingly little mess, there’s no need to move out. Our cellars are not classed as ‘habitable’, so in most instances, or unless your house is a listed building, you will not need planning permission to have one installed.

How does it work?

We know the right conditions are vital when it comes to wine storage. All of our Spiral Cellars have a natural passive ventilation system, which, simply put, means that warm air is continuously replaced by cool air. The excellent thermal properties of the cellar’s concrete shell, enables it to absorb the natural ground temperature just like in a traditional cellar and the natural insulation of the earth helps keep vibrations to an absolute minimum. These things, together with siting the cellar in the correct position within your home, create the right temperature and humidity for optimum cellaring conditions.

How is it built?

To create your Spiral Cellar, we start by forming a hole in the desired location.  If you opt for the excavation and installation option, our expert team will do this for you, carefully lifting your existing floor finish and leaving no mess. If you opt for our installation-only option, your builder will handle the excavation and we then complete the installation by fitting the cellar itself and your chosen lighting and door options. A Spiral Cellar won’t affect your foundations and doesn’t require any of its own as it’s surrounded by reinforced concrete and wrapped in a unique waterproof liner system.

The Benefits

A Spiral Cellar is the perfect way to cellar a sizeable collection of up to 1900 bottles and have it close to hand, without having to create the space for refrigeration or invest in inconvenient bonded warehouse space.

The storage conditions are tip-top giving you the confidence to take advantage of buying wine young or en primeur and aging it yourself. A Spiral Cellar makes storing and cataloguing vertical tastings and phased openings easier and, as it gives you the space to see your whole collection at once, there’s less chance of forgetting what you have in your collection.

Finally, to tick the ‘return on investment’ box, not only will a Spiral Cellar add a unique selling feature should you ever move, it will also undoubtedly add value and earn its investment back in 10-15 years compared to warehousing costs.

“I had the Spiral Cellar installed in 1994, and went for the deepest cellar. It was installed in our utility room in 3 days, with military precision, and was ready for use 2 weeks later. I immediately repatriated my wines from storage at Octavian. The 1988 Haut Brion and Latour are just now reaching their peak, with no ullage at all. The 55 Smith Woodhouse has also kept very well, as have a whole series of Australian semillons from the 90’s, which are all delicious now. I am a man who likes his wines mature, and the Spiral Cellar allows me that indulgence.”

Dr Mike Griffith

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