The Original Spiral Cellar Kit has been specially developed for clients who are installing a cellar as part of a larger development project and who, having access to their own construction team, have no need to engage our Spiral Cellars installation team.

With the Original Spiral Cellar Kit, we supply your builders with a full and detailed instruction manual, enabling them to dig and prepare the hole for the cellar themselves. The cellar is then supplied in a modular kit format, ready for your team to install under the guidance of one of our Project Managers. Our Sales team can advise on issues such as optimal siting of the cellar, orientation of the steps, with our Project Manager supporting you during the installation of the cellar liner without damaging it, and the fitting of the door.

The advantage of the Original Spiral Cellar Kit, is that not only does it reduce the cost of installing a Spiral Cellar, but it also allows greater flexibility in terms of scheduling within your overall project.


  • Modular engineered limestone bins appropriate to the chosen cellar depth option
  • Shuttering rings to secure the hole as it’s dug
  • A modular engineered limestone spiral staircase
  • Waterproof liner system
  • Reinforced fibres to add to the concrete, to create the reinforced base and ring
  • Full instruction manual
  • Project Manager assistance
  • Under-step LED lighting comes as standard


To know more about the Original Spiral Cellar Kit, please contact one of our Customer Advisors who will be able to discuss the Kit package and process with you in greater detail.

0203 815 3329