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    When it comes to climate control, there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. With a myriad of ducted and ductless solutions to choose from, it’s very easy to incorrectly or under-specify a cooling system, a mistake that could provide fatal for your wine.

    At Spiral Cellars, our in-house team of engineering experts will specify the correct climate control system options for your wine room and the constraints of the property, regardless of whether the space has been designed by ourselves or by others. Not being tied to one particular manufacturer or supplier, you can be assured that our impartial advice will deliver a tailored solution appropriate to your particular needs. Our approach is flexible:


    We can calculate the capacity and design the airflow your room requires so that you or your contractor can purchase a pre-specified system directly from ourselves, ready to be installed by your own engineer.


    We can calculate the capacity, design the airflow and supply a climate control unit which our engineers can then fit in to any wine room, including those that haven’t been designed by ourselves.


    We can provide independent and impartial climate control advice and systematics for projects located anywhere in the world, without the obligation to purchase from us. As well as specifying the correct system, we will advise on location for the internal and external plant, for services & utilities, and highlight what preparations need to be made to the room itself to ensure a stable environment. Our consultancy service is charged on a time basis.