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  • Where should the cellar be located?

    The cellar can be installed into any ground, lower ground floor or basement area. It can also be installed in garages and outbuildings

    Will the cellar impact the foundations of my property?

    The Spiral Cellar won’t affect your foundations, nor does it need its own as it’s surrounded by reinforced concrete and wrapped in a unique waterproof liner system

    Will I need structural calculations?

    Our independent engineer will calculate the correct reinforced concrete base to counter any water uplift and the adjacent surcharge loadings. This service is included in all Assisted Kit, Fit and Full cellar installations.

    Can you install in a high water table area?

    Yes, high water table areas are something we come across daily.  An engineer will be able to calculate the correct reinforced concrete base specification to counter any water uplift and our incredibly durable waterproof liner system will ensure that the cellar remains watertight.

    Can I have a cellar if I have under floor heating ?

    We ask that a minimum distance of 300mm is left between the outside edge of the hole for the cellar and the nearest underfloor heating pipes.

    What about  Building Regulations?

    Building Regulations Approval is required when installing a cellar into a habitable space such as in a home or an attached garage. It is not required if the cellar is being installed in most single detached garages or outbuildings. On our Assisted Kit, Fit and Full installation packages, we handle the Building Regulations process for you.

    Will I need Planning Permission & Listed Building Consent?

    Planning permission is not normally required. The exceptions to this is if the cellar is being installed in to a Listed Building or to property within the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. In such instances, permissions can still be obtained but additional time should be built into the schedule to allow for this.

    What maintenance is necessary on a cellar?

    The cellar is an incredibly robust structure designed to last as long as the property in which it’s housed. Being naturally ventilated, there is no mechanical cooling system to maintain.  In fact the only maintenance that should be allowed for, is an occasional oiling of the moving parts of the door and checking the vent pipes.