My engineer has suggested that the property foundations will need to be underpinned or taken as deep as the cellar?
You don’t need to worry about adapting or enhancing existing or planned foundations. The cellar will be encircled with a reinforced concrete ring, which gives the cellar its own structural integrity and handles incoming surcharge from adjacent footings. Please contact us to provide your engineer with all the relevant technical information.

Do I need to get planning permission to have a Spiral Cellar?
Planning permission is not normally required because the Spiral Cellar is not considered a habitable space, but may be requested by the Local Authority if a property has already undergone extensive extensions or additions or is a Listed Building. This is a process that we can assist with.

My preferred location for the Spiral Cellar is in a room that adjoins my neighbour’s house. Is there anything I need to consider?
Party wall awards are applicable to a Spiral Cellar installation if the excavation is planned to be within 3 metres of a neighbouring owner’s building or structure. This is a very straight forward process, and is not comparable to obtaining planning permission. It is something we can handle for you very easily.

What about Building Regulations?
Building Regulations Approval is required when installing into a habitable space such as in the home or an attached garage. It is not required if the cellar is to be installed in most single detached garages or outbuildings. A Spiral Cellar is not a habitable space so the cellar does not need to comply with Part K of Building Regulations, such as requirements for a handrail and the ‘going’ and ‘rise’ of the staircase treads.

I love the glass doors but am concerned about scratch marks.
All of our glass doors feature scratch-resistant, toughened glass to ensure they look as good as possible, for as long as possible. With just a little care they remain in excellent condition for years.

I’m building a new property. What do I need to consider to include a Spiral Cellar?
We would encourage you to book a consultation as early on the scheme as possible so that we can ensure your Spiral Cellar ties in with the project plans. This will reduce the chance of duplicating certain costs and will guarantee we are able to fit into the programme.

How do you deal with high water tables?

With more than 30 years under our belts, and completing 4-6 installations a week, it is an extremely common occurrence for us to come across a high water table. Our engineers calculate the correct reinforced concrete base specification to counter any water uplift, our highly experienced installation teams remove excess water during excavation and our incredibly durable waterproof liner system ensures the cellar remains watertight.

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