• The freestanding, fully climate-controlled Soho cabinet, is the simplest way to display and store wine in full cellar conditions. No building work, no complicated mechanical installation, no mess, no fuss. Just switch on and fill with wine. It’s is as simple as that.


    Free-standing, climate-controlled wine cabinets

    Bottles can be displayed on shelves or pegs

    Range of finishes, trims, back panels and lighting options

    Option for individual custom features by request (price on application)

    Assembled and installed by our team and ready to stock within 3 hours

    Space saving depth of 560mm on all models

    Available in three different width options

  • Soho 1000mmSoho 1200mmSoho 1800mm
    Cabinet Shelf Capacity64 bottles80 bottles128 bottles
    Cabinet Peg Capacity66 bottles99 bottles132 bottles