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    We work with developers, contractors, architects and designers to deliver design-led cellaring solutions for new developments, extensions and refurbishment projects on both individual properties and multi-unit developments. 

    Alongside our ‘Full’ and ‘Fit’ installation packages, we now offer two additional install options developed specifically for trade customers looking to incorporate a Spiral Cellar in their project. 



    Our detailed Installation Manual enables you to independently install the cellar, supplied in modular format, without any involvement from us. Designed for competent build teams, looking for a cost efficient and flexible installation option.


    Suitable if this is your first cellar install, or you could do with extra help. All the features of the Kit, but with the additional on-site presence of one of our installation team members to advise and assist. Cellars purchased as Assisted Kits come with our standard warranty.


    We are a member of the RIBA CPD Providers Network. As such, we can offer architectural practices and design companies an approved CPD seminar telling you everything you need to know in order to specify a Spiral Cellar. These seminars can be presented either at your offices or you can attend one of the regular CPD sessions held at our UK showrooms.