Spiral Cellars is the established expert in wine storage for the home, specialising in unique premium wine cellars and bespoke wine rooms.  With a range of outstanding options for its discerning clients across the UK, Ireland and further afield Spiral Cellars has, for more than 30 years, been leading the way in offering luxurious large-scale wine storage that fulfils not only a highly functional need, but also looks stunning.

The increased interest in creating homes of distinction has resulted in wine storage receiving a face lift, no longer sitting hidden behind cabinets, in the basement or under the stairs.  Whether an extension of the kitchen,

a statement piece of the entrance hallway or the focal point of the entertaining space, when designed and finished to the highest standards wine storage can become a spectacular feature that sits at the centre of the interior design scheme.

Aside from offering the ideal conditions, wine cellars and wine rooms in the home also enable the owner to grow their collection over many years.  With more capacity it allows freedom to explore new grape varieties, regions and winemakers, and easy access to monitor the ageing process. 

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