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Bespoke wine display

For more significant sized projects over £200k, our fully bespoke service provides a complete turnkey service. You can experience the sheer luxury of an end-to-end managed wine cellar project, designed by us to exceed your own individual requirements; and manufactured by some of the world’s leading craftsmen to meet our exacting standards.

We know how important this space is for your collection, because we understand your passion for wine and the importance of making the right choices for you or your house management team. So, from the moment you first meet us, we’ll work closely with you to achieve your wine cellaring goals.

Elegance and engineering combined

From elegant design to precision technology and climate control, manufacturing to installation (plus the shipping of components if you’re overseas), we will take care of it all, creating the wine space of your dreams… and one your collection truly deserves.


A complete
turnkey solution.

With our bespoke solution you’ll have access to the finest creatives, and cellaring expertise in the wine world, with dedicated
project management throughout.

We work with engineers, artisans and craftsmen from all around the globe to ensure your wine room is crafted to the very highest standards.

Our Projects


With our fully bespoke, turn-key service we handle the entire with room or wine wall project from start to finish. We can ship ready to assemble pieces to anywhere in the world.

Wine Room
Textured stone effect cladding & walnut plinth
Capacity: 140 bottles
Wine Wall
Walnut-framed, textured stainless steel panelling
Capacity: 576 bottles
Wine Room
Dark stained European oak
Capacity: 669
Wine Wall
Structural glass with brushed stainless steel trim & finishes
Capacity: 310
Wine Room
Crafted stainless steel, black textured stone, smoked mirror ceiling
Capacity: 888
Wine Wall
White oak cabinetry, case drawers & centerpiece diamond display
Capacity: 257
Wine Room
Halo-lit, brushed stainless steel with reflective ceiling
Capacity: 486
Wine Room Detail:
Smooth glide, soft close case drawers
Wine Room
Textured stone tile panelled, black walnut case plinth, steel finishes
Capacity: 140 bottles

Wine Wall
Port stained oak cabinetry, case drawers & bottle racking
Capacity: 768
Wine Room
Converted walk-in wine closet in American white oak
Capacity 803
Wine Room
Suspended viewing window with stainless steel bottle cradles
Capacity: 780
Wine Room
White oak angled bottle shelves & centerpiece diamond display
Capacity: 257

Wine Room
Ebonised ash & walnut wine room with crittall style glazing
Capacity: 780
Wine Room Detail:
Humidor insert
Wine Room
Stainless steel with reflective smoked mirror ceiling
Capacity: 888

Wine Wall
Light oak with lattice racking & angled shelves
Capacity: 180
Wine Wall
Dark stained oak with brass pegs & detailing
Capacity: 460
Wine Room Detail:
Single bottle display shelves in oak with label enhancing lighting
Wine Room
Ebonised walnut with brass bottle display and marble detail
Capacity: 810
Wine Room Detail:
White oak cabinetry, angled shelf, brushed steel back panel
Wine Room
Ebonised walnut with brass bottle display and marble detail
Capacity: 810
Wine Room
Oak with painted finished and stainless steel detailing
Capacity: 1100
Hospitality Wine Room (Adam's Restaurant, Michelin star)
Stainless steel wine room with high capacity case storage
Capacity: 1460
Wine Room Detail:
Stairwell display feature
Wine Room Detail:
Textured steel back panelling with label-display peg arrangement
Wine Room Detail:
Angled single bottle display in white oak with concealed lighting
Wine Room Detail:
Champagne feature wall
Hospitality Wine Wall (Pullman Hotel, Liverpool)
Structural glass with stainless steel finishes
Capacity: 270

The space had already been identified and I worked with the Spiral Cellars designers to best use this to get my collection housed and to have an attractive look. Spiral Cellars came up with an excellent design which I was very happy with. They worked with my builders to get the actual work done and the finished product has turned out extremely well.

Iain Clarke

The space had already been identified and I worked with the Spiral Cellars designers to best use this to get my collection housed and to have an attractive look. Spiral Cellars came up with an excellent design which I was very happy with. They worked with my builders to get the actual work done and the finished product has turned out extremely well.

Iain Clarke

The space had already been identified and I worked with the Spiral Cellars designers to best use this to get my collection housed and to have an attractive look. Spiral Cellars came up with an excellent design which I was very happy with. They worked with my builders to get the actual work done and the finished product has turned out extremely well.

Iain Clarke

The space had already been identified and I worked with the Spiral Cellars designers to best use this to get my collection housed and to have an attractive look. Spiral Cellars came up with an excellent design which I was very happy with. They worked with my builders to get the actual work done and the finished product has turned out extremely well.

Iain Clarke

Custom Design.

A Spiral Cellars custom design allows you to harness the creativity of the Spiral Cellars bespoke projects design team to provide you with all the information and the added flexibility to choose your own contractors and manage your own build programme. No project is too small, and each project provides you with direct access to the Spiral Cellars registered supplier network or for building and installation with your own preferred contractors.

Wine room pegs c_u (titlarks)

Our industry-leading creative design team, cellaring knowledge and attention to detail, is world renowned. We undertake design commissions for residential wine cellars, spirit collections, home bars and humidors, as well as high-end restaurant, hotel and retail projects of all shapes, sizes and capacities.

DC3913-005 (1)

What’s your ideal wine space? A well-stocked wine room that’s pure, opulent theatre, perhaps, or a calming space where you can browse, explore and indulge your passion. Maybe you just want somewhere to sit back and appreciate your collection. Share it or keep it all to yourself… it’s your dream, and we’ll make it happen.

Our in-house team will fully design your wine room or wall and then hand over the plans to you and your contractors. We can also offer you Spiral Cellars-approved Registered Contractors, if preferred.

This service is ideal if your wine cellar is part of a larger project or if you are an overseas client.

Exceptional design solutions for any space, anywhere in the world.


  • Wine rooms & cellars
  • Wine walls
  • Cocktail bars
  • Spirit spaces & whisky walls
  • Retail wine displays
  • Hotel & restaurant spaces

What you see
is what you get.

Our Custom Design team takes care of every aspect of your wine cellar design, from initial concept visualisation right through to the technical drawings and the temperature and humidity climate control specification.

Engaging us to undertake your design significantly reduces the overall cost of a Spiral Cellars-designed wine room, whilst still using the same in-house design team that work on our fully bespoke turnkey projects.

Custom design offers the freedom to choose when, how and by whom the design is manufactured and installed – ideal for clients or projects based internationally. Or, if you do not have ready access to a build team, we can provide a list of Spiral Cellars-registered suppliers and installers with whom we have worked on many projects.

We’ll provide recommendations on all the details and finishes, as well as offering advice on materials which can be used in a cooled, humid, wine cellar environment. At the end of the process, we’ll present you with a highly detailed package of plans and details ready for a skilled contractor to take on to manufacture and installation.


1. Initial pre-design consultation

This determines project parameters, and covers important aspects such as your wine collection, aesthetic objectives, capacity requirements, mechanical cooling options, guide build budget and any individual considerations of your property or your project team.

Concept visualisation


2. Design concept

We start by mapping out the project space via a thorough site survey or review of your plans to understand the building constraints. Our Senior Designer then works through the design process with you to explore the options – design styles, finishes, materials and environmental conditioning. Using detailed plans and photo-realistic visuals, we will work with you and your project team to see your wine cellar take shape.

At this stage, we’ll also propose choice of finishes, materials, and special features. Once finalised, the concept is then presented and refined until fully approved.

Technical drawing


3. Design detail & technical specifications

Once we have your approval of the design concept and final dimensions of your space we will produce a highly detailed design and technical package for you to then have your wine room or wall independently manufactured, fitted and managed.

The package includes:

• Detailed design drawings with full measurements

• Material, components and finish specifications

• Enabling works specifications and briefing notes for third-party contractors

• Provision for services and utilities

• Comprehensive climate control installation drawings and servicing guidelines

Finished installation


4. Project oversight (optional)

If you’d like some extra guidance during manufacture and installation, we can provide full project support and advisory consultation if required.

Custom Design FAQs

I’d love to engage your Custom Design services but I don’t have anyone to build and install your design

Simply consult our list of approved suppliers and installers. They all have a long history of cellar builds, so you know that your wine room will be crafted by experts.

How long does the design process take?

You should allow approx. 6-8 weeks to complete the design of your wine room and a further 8-12 weeks for independent joinery and installation.

How will I know how much the overall wine room project will cost?

Once we know your requirements, we can provide you with an estimated guide price based upon our years of experience and knowledge of bespoke cellar builds. An accurate budget price will then be provided once the design is agreed.

What if there is a manufacturing or installation issue?

Our wine room designs come with a comprehensive and detailed technical package that make it easy for a skilled build team to manufacture. It is rare that issues arise in the build & installation stage, but if they do we will work with your build team to resolve them speedily and satisfactorily.

How much cheaper is the Custom Design route over fully Bespoke?

A fully bespoke wine room is a more expensive option than going down the Custom Design route. Exactly how much depends on the complexity of the design, the materials chosen and the size of the space. As a rule of thumb, you can expect to save around 30% of the overall wine room project cost by engaging our Custom Design services.

What about climate control?

We have an in-house climate control consultancy that will be able to specify the correct system for your wine room. We can then either supply and fit it ourselves or we can supply the system ready for your builder to install. All of our climate control systems come with a warranty.


Ready to Cellar Collection.

Kit range of display & storage components.

The Ready to Cellar Collection by Spiral Cellars is an exclusive range of some of the same exquisitely designed bottle display and storage components that we use in our custom-designed wine rooms, now available to purchase by private clients and trade professionals for use in independent cellaring projects.

The modular pieces can either be tessellated together as part of more complex pieced-together designs, or used as stand-alone features to create unique, self-built wine spaces to suit all interior styles and spaces. All pieces are available in a variety of finishes and sizes.


Designed for you, by you

The Ready to Cellar Collection is the ideal option for those looking for a ‘kit product’ to design and build a wine room or wine wall themselves. Use our modular sized, self-assembly, label facing or cork facing products to;

  • Create bijou ambient wine storage within an existing alcove space
  • Dress a wine wall to be part storage feature, part work of art
  • Panel a cavernous, fully climate-controlled wine room
  • Hang individually on a wall to create an interior feature
  • Create a wine wall of perfectly aligned bottle display by tessellating several pieces together

Trade & private customers

Initially conceived for our architectural, design, kitchen, hospitality and construction clients, the Collection is equally suitable for private clients looking to ‘dress’ a planned wine space within a larger build or refurbishment project and who already have access to a build team.


Global applicability

Ready to Cellar Collection pieces come flat packed, complete with all necessary fixings for self-assembly. They  can be shipped to anywhere in the world.

Climate controlled or ambient

Ready to Cellar components are suited for use in both ambient and fully climate conditioned spaces.


Choice of three different bottle display options.

There are three different styles of wine display within the collection. Bottles can be placed on pegs so that either label or corks face outward, or they can be gently rested on suspended bottle cradles.

And because the pieces tesselate together, you can use one, two or even all three styles within the same project – it’s all down to personal preference.

1. Label Facing Peg Panels


Bottles are displayed horizontally on a panel, label facing in two uniform columns .

• Each bottle rests on two pegs, securely attached to the panel.

• Specially shaped pegs are fitted with vibration dampening rings to  ‘seat’ 75cl bottles.

• Panels come in different sizes for maximum design flexibility.

• Bottles can point in the same or opposing directions and can be stored one, two or three deep to increase capacity.


Corks orientated left
One deep bottle storage
Symmetrical arrangement
Two deep bottle storage
Corks orientated right
Three deep bottle storage
Project example
Corks orientated left, two deep

2. Cork Facing Peg Panels


Bottles rest on pegs on a peg panel board, arranged horizontally with cork facing out. 

• Each bottle rests on two identically sized metal pegs, securely attached to a peg panel.

• The pegs are fitted with neoprene rings to gently ‘seat’ 75cl bottles.

• A variety of sizes for maximum design flexibility.

• Available in standard density and higher bottle count, high density formats.


Cork facing
Low density arrangement
Cork facing
High density arrangement
Project example
High density arrangement
Brushed brass pegs

3. Suspended Bottle Cradles


Bottles are individually rested on metal cradles suspended between  floor to ceiling suspension cables, as if  ‘floating’ in mid-air.

• A pair of cradles contains two differently shaped cradles, each fitted with anti-vibration neoprene cushions.

• Cradles are designed to hold 75cl bottles.

Bottle cradles
Evenly spaced arrangement
Bottle cradles
Underside view

Being able to use multiple display methods in the same project opens up a myriad of possible wine storage designs. How many bottles you choose to display, and how you choose to display them is entirely up to you.

Lucy Hargreaves, Managing Director, Spiral Cellars

Create using our comprehensive materials palette.

The Ready to Cellar Collection is designed by and exclusive to Spiral Cellars.

Components are available for order in a range of standard sizes and standard finishes.


  • View all

Peg panel materials

Panel boards are available in 6 different materials, giving you maximum design flexibility.


Dark stained oak
Spray painted to any RAL colour
Textured stainless steel
Textured brass plated stainless steel

Peg finishes

Pegs used in our peg panel display boards or purchased individually are available in brass or stainless steel.


Brushed brass
Brushed stainless steel

How to design your Ready to Cellar Collection wine space.

The Ready to Cellar Collection makes it’s easy to independently design your own wine space.


Stage Process
01. Measure the space

Start by accurately measuring your space including wall widths and heights. Note and measure the locations of any obstructions like windows, cornices, power sockets.

Note: walls may not be straight so measure in several places and at several heights; measure around any obstructions and if any measurements are inconsistent work to the shortest.

02. Design each wall

Once you have defined the edges of your space and allowed for any obstructions you can fully design each wall, adjusting the sizes and types of panel as you go until you have the design that fits your needs. For details of available panel sizes and component options, please consult the Ready to Cellar Brochure (link below).

03. Send it to us

Fill out an order form (link below) and send us your design, accurate space measurements, your proposed configuration and your estimated list of components (product codes and quantities). A member of our team will then check it and take your order.



Need help with your design?

For a small fee, we can design the best wine space for your needs and space using components from the Collection. To use the design service, we require floor plans, photographs and accurate measurements of your space.

Ordering, Delivery & Installation.


1. Review the Ready to Cellar Collection catalogue pages on pg 22-49. Use this information to fill out the order form on our website.
2. Make a note of the item types, sizes, finishes and quantities that your project requires,
together with their respective item codes.
3. Call or email one of our Customer Advisors who will be able to confirm lead times and advise
on shipping costs. Provided you have accurate space measurements, they can also check
that your selection will fit as intended.


Once you place your order, we will check it against your room measurements before processing your order. In order to do this, we will need accurate measurements of the proposed wine space location ( height, width, depth).


We ship worldwide. Please state delivery country and address when placing your order.

Delivery of your Ready To Cellar components order is a kerbside, palleted delivery.

You will need to arrange for your own installation team to carry the materials from the delivery point.


We’ll deliver your Ready To Cellar order with detailed installation instructions. You’ll need to arrange your own installation labour to both prepare the space and to install & fit the components. We do not install Ready to Cellar Collection components.


How do I place an order?

To place an order you can complete the online order form  and send it back to us. Once we have received your order form we will be in touch to confirm the order, arrange delivery and take payment.

How can I check my order will fit?

We can check that your order fits your space and suggest alternative component mixes if it doesn’t. To do so, you’ll need to send us accurate and fully detailed measurements of your space, including floor to ceiling height and location/measurements of any obstacles, together with location photographs. Alternatively, we can design your space for you for an additional fee.

I’m a competent DIYer. Can I install the wine room myself or do I need to outsource to the professionals?

An entire wine room may be complicated and often requires the provision of specialist insulation and vapour control. However, if you have a team already constructing the wine room structure then the peg panel and cable & cradle systems themselves are very easy to install by a competent DIYer with the right tools.

I don’t have. build team. Will you be able to install the wine room for me?

The Ready to Cellar Collection is an affordable self-build, modular kit system available for delivery only. We do not install.

Can you recommend a build team, local to my area?

We have a network of registered Spiral Cellar partner installers who we are happy to put you in touch with for you to directly employ to install your project.

Is there an option to have a special finish to match my room?

To maintain it’s affordability the Ready to Cellar Collection in only available in the prescribed 6 panel finishes and 2 metal finishes. We can arrange for special finishes to ‘special order’ although these will be estimated as ‘bespoke orders’ and will often attract a premium pricing.


How do the individual panel pieces fit together?

Regardless of panel finish and type, all pieces fit perfectly together, though they can also be spaced out for a more dramatic effect. Each panel is attached to the wall with our Spiral Cellar z-clips creating only a 5mm gap and concealing all fixings. As the entire weight of the panels plus the wine rested on them is born by the wall, it is imperative that before installation the wall surface and structure is checked to ensure it can take the weight of the panels and the wine. Your trade professional installer will be able to advise on your site specific conditions.

How heavy are the individual pieces? Does this have an impact on where it can go?

The weight of each panel component, both unladen and stocked with wine, are listed in the catalogue pages. Panels are designed to hang on vertical walls. The largest panels require a 2-man installation team for lifting safety. The structural substrate material for either wall or ceiling fixed Ready to Cellar components are highlighted in the installation instructions.

How long does it take to assemble a wine space using Ready to Cellar pieces?

Individual Ready to Cellar Collection pieces are very quick to assemble. The majority of the installation time is usually spent measuring, marking out and ensuring perfect plumb alignment.


Does the space need to be prepared in any way prior to installing the Ready to Cellar components?

If your wine cellar is climate-controlled, the insulation, vapour control and structure of your walls and ceiling must be carried out first. Any wall structure or base wall finishes (either paint or panel cladding) should be undertaken before fitting cellar panels or suspension cables. All of the Ready to Cellar components come with fixings included, applicable to hanging components on a structural wall with an 18mm thick timber type board face. Plain plasterboard on cavity stud walls is not secure enough to hold their weight. Any plasterboard walls bearing Ready to Cellar components should have 18mm plywood or MDF under the plasterboard face (marine ply or MRMDF if the space is to be climate controlled).


What if the components don’t fit in the space when they arrive?

If your components do not fit your space we need to first determine why. Check your own measurements and the measurements you gave us and the size of the components you ordered. If a mistake has been made in your order, please contact us straight away so we can help resolve the matter.

What if I forgot to include some pieces in my order?

If you find that you have forgotten to order some Ready to Cellar components, please contact us immediately to place a second order for the forgotten components. The more popular components held in stock will be dispatched quickly, however there will be a delay in delivering items not held in stock. Please be aware that components in natural finishes may vary slightly in colour, figure, and patina from batch to batch. This is symptomatic of an organic natural product and although we undertake to match as closely as possible, an exact match between different production batches can not be guaranteed.

What is the warranty on Ready to Cellar Collection pieces?

Ready to Cellar Collection items are warrantied for 2 years against structural product failure through normal product usage. The warranty is not valid for damage through misuse, overloading, poor installation, inadequate substrates, dropping or as a result of pulling from the wall/ceiling. The warranty does not cover the metal and finishes having patinated or colour faded over time as this will have been caused by factors beyond our control ie. sunlight, location, cleaning materials etc.

Can I return any items that I no longer need?

As Ready to Cellar components are made to order, we do not accept returns other than if faulty. The exception is for components we feel we can quickly resell. In such instances, the items need to be returned to us in perfect condition. Please call us if you want to discuss the return of any components.

The Soho
Wine Cabinet.

The Soho is our freestanding wine display cabinet that is quite simply the most convenient, versatile and flexible means of achieving small-capacity professional home cellaring on the market.


Available fully climate-controlled, or as ambient storage requiring no building work to install, and with the opportunity to adapt to suit your preferences, the Soho really is the ultimate in tailored fuss-free cellaring – and all without compromising on style.

P54_55 cabinet



Available in two different width options, 1200mm and 1800mm.

Ambient or climate control options

The Soho can be ordered with a fully fitted climate controlled cooling system that will require a small outside unit and drainage. Alternatively, the Soho can also be ordered as a freestanding, ambient-only display cabinet.

Bottle Display

Bottles can be displayed either reclining on shelves or laid on our Spiral Cellars display pegs according to your preference. With either option, bottles are label facing and enhanced with gentle LED lighting.

Cabinetry, detailing & trim

With a selection of body finishes, metal trims and back panel options to choose from including faux onyx, brass and textured stainless steel, the cabinet is flexible enough to elegantly reside within any interior design schemes, from the uber contemporary to the more traditional. For more details of finishes options, see our Soho brochure.


With capacity for 88 bottles on angled shelves or 99 bottles on display pegs, the Soho 1200 is ideal for those looking to store a modestly sized prized collection. For more substantial collections, the Soho 1800 will accommodate 132 bottles on display pegs or 136 bottles on angled shelves.

DC4394 - 016


Many of the bottle display components that we use in our custom-designed wine rooms are available to purchase by private clients and trade professionals for use in their independent projects.

All components provide exceptional fit and finish and are designed to withstand the temperature and humidity of a cellaring environment. They come in a variety of sizes and finishes for a multitude of configuration possibilities.

Our components are:

  • Available with or without panels
  • Available in a range of sizes / quantities
  • Available in a variety of metal finishes (subject to quantity)
Options Available
Cork-facing bottle pegs
Label-facing bottle pegs
Suspended bottle cradles