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Your collection
deserves the

When you love something, you want the best for it. Having created over 5,000 wine cellars in the UK and countless others across the world, at Spiral Cellars we know how to create the ultimate showcase your collection deserves.

Our unrivalled expertise is borne from a profound appreciation of wine, and we pour this devotion into every new commission. Our in-house team work only with the finest artisans and engineers, to deliver the most impeccable, high quality finish every time.


Put pure
wow factor
into your home.

A Spiral Cellar is a walk-on sensation. A Wine Room is walk-in opulence. With our solutions, you’ll have the joy of experiencing an art installation every day, without leaving your home.


Create the ideal
for your wine.

Wine is a living thing. Its ability to change and evolve is what makes it so interesting which is why it’s vital to have a solution that provides all the loving care it needs.

Store it at the right temperature…

A good cellar will store your wine in the 8-18°C window. Too hot, and it ages too fast and loses vibrancy. Too cold, and the key chemical reactions it needs to reach its full potential just won’t happen at the desired rate. Severe temperature fluctuations are one of the most serious hazards for wine storage – so our cellaring solutions provide the ideal temperature window. The Spiral Cellar does this naturally, and our wine rooms and walls can be regulated with climate control systems.

…in perfect humidity

Our cellaring solutions provide humidity too. Our designs incorporate space for wine to be kept horizontal and in a slightly damp atmosphere thus preventing oxidisation which is caused by the corks drying out and shrinking.

…and treat it to peace and quiet

Our cellaring solutions shield your collection from direct sunlight, noise and constant vibrations from traffic. Because we know that your wine prefers a silent, undisturbed place, where it can develop in its own sweet time.

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A smart

Not only does a cellar add value to your property but compared to the cost of external warehousing, the cellar earns its investment back within 10-15 years.


The joy of cellaring.

Have all the space you need.

With storage for up to 1,600 bottles in our signature Spiral Cellar (or even more with a bespoke Wine Room) you’ll always have the perfect wine to hand, whatever the occasion. More space makes cataloguing and phased openings much easier too, so you can always catch your wine at its best.

Practical and flexible.

From storing stemware and decluttering your wine boxes to creating space to let your wine age – your cellar or wine room is the perfect solution.

Luxury wine storage has crossed the threshold from interior fittings into the realm of modern art”

Mark Dickens, Spiral Cellars International

Luxury wine storage has crossed the threshold from interior fittings into the realm of modern art”

Mark Dickens, Spiral Cellars International

Luxury wine storage has crossed the threshold from interior fittings into the realm of modern art”

Mark Dickens, Spiral Cellars International

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Hear what some of our customers have to say

I had the Spiral Cellar installed in 1994, and went for the deepest cellar. It was installed in our utility room in 3 days, with military precision, and was ready for use a few weeks later. I am a man who likes his wines mature, and the Spiral Cellar allows me that indulgence”

Dr Mike Griffith, Spiral Cellar owner

We appointed Spiral Cellars to add a luxury wine room into one of our flagship mansions in Sunningdale. They delivered a quality, elegant and well-finished product in a timely fashion. As a team we found them to be collaborative and attentive throughout, from initial design stage through to delivery”

Angus McQuhae, Sales Director, Octagon

I’ve just refurbished my house in London and had the bright idea to install a Spiral Cellar. It’s a fantastic piece of kit… I’m going to start my education now because I have my cellar”

Henry Cavill, Hollywood actor

Our new Spiral Cellar is so much more than wine storage. It is a complete show-stopper for our new kitchen and a wonderful home for our wine collection. I am thrilled with how fabulous it looks.

Craig Revel Horwood, Choreographer & dancer

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