• How Much Does a Spiral Cellar Cost?

    When purchased in a KIT format and installed by an experienced independent build team, the cost of a Spiral Cellar costs as little as £24,550*. You could, therefore, argue that when considered in terms of cost per bottle, a Spiral Cellar with its huge bottle capacity (up to 1,900 bottles) offers unbeatable good cellaring value.

    Even if you would prefer that we at Spiral Cellars advise on the cellar installation, it’s still possible to purchase a rather sizeable 1,000 bottle capacity Spiral Cellar for £29,900*. From wine rooms to wine cabinets. Whilst this is not an insignificant initial amount, the sheer size of the cellar allows the majority of our customers to store their entire collection in it, thereby avoiding the need to store in a warehouse facility and more importantly, the associated annual bondage fees. Indeed, we calculate that a Spiral Cellar will have earned the upfront investment back in just 10-15 years when compared to warehousing costs. Even fewer years if the cellar was purchased in KIT format.

    Not only that, but as a Spiral Cellar is entirely naturally ventilated, providing as it does optimum cellaring conditions without the need of a climate control system, there are no on-going electrical running costs or occasional repair bills to budget for.  The cost of a Spiral Cellar is thus purely the initial purchase price.  And, given that a robust concrete Spiral Cellar will last as long as the house into which it is installed, it’s no exaggeration to say that the initial purchase is an investment that could benefit not just you, but generations to follow.

    spiral cellar open on the ground

    If you are thinking about investing in wine storage solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss our full range of cellaring options. Even if an underground cellar isn’t quite to your taste, it’s still worth getting in touch as we also design exceptional wine cabinets, wine walls and bespoke wine room design.  With almost 40 years of custom wine cellar experience under our belts and having created over 3,800 luxury cellars in the UK alone, Spiral Cellars are generally considered to be the country’s leading provider of luxury storage.


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    *All prices include VAT. Prices correct as of December 2021.


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