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    The savvy option for those seeking a truly ‘less ordinary’ wine room but without incurring the price tag typically associated with fully bespoke options.  As part of the service, we design a wine room individually tailored to your requirements, whilst offering you the freedom to source the manufacture and fitting elsewhere – ideal for those including a wine room within a larger build project. And for those who don’t have ready access to a build team, we are only too willing to consult our little black book and point you in the right direction. 

    STAGE A: INITIAL CONSULTATION An initial, no-obligation briefing consultation is held to determine project parameters. All important project constituents are covered – aesthetic objectives, capacity requirements, guide build budget and any property considerations we need be aware of. If the wine room is forming part of a larger build project, we will ask to review the plans.Formalised project scope upon which fee proposal is based.
    A deposit payment is required prior to commencement of Stage B
    STAGE B: DESIGN DEVELOPMENT A thorough site survey is undertaken where both the project and space are fully mapped out to ensure alignment between your expectations and our understanding of them. Once all considerations are known, a formal Design Brief is prepared, approval of which signals the start of the design process.
    The design concept is then presented in a way that aids a shared understanding of what the finished room will look like. In most instances this will include, but need not be limited to, a highly polished render. At this stage, we will introduce our recommendations on proposed material choices, special features and finishes. The concept is then shaped and refined as per client feedback until fully approved.
    We advise clients to allow several weeks for Stage B to fully complete.
    Final design concept
    Upon approval of concept, a further payment is required prior to commencement of Stage C
    STAGE C: MATERIAL & TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONA highly detailed design and technical package is then produced ready for you to take to tender with a view to having independently manufactured and fitted. The package includes:

    • Detailed design drawings with full measurements
    • Material and finish specifications
    • Enabling works specifications and briefing notes for third party contractors
    • Provision for services and utilities
    • Comprehensive climate control installation drawings and servicing guidelines
    Fully specified technical design package
    STAGE D (OPTIONAL): MANUFACTURING For those inexperienced or nervous about the manufacturing stage, we are able to suggest suitable manufacturers and suppliers from our Registered Suppliers list.
    The Design Service fee varies according to project size and complexity.


    We also offer a turn-key, fully bespoke service whereby we handle the entire wine room or wall project from start to finish. Design, manufacture and fitting. We only undertake this service for a limited number of projects of significant size.

    Prices start upwards of £100,000.