How to Organise Your Wine Cellar

Investing in a Spiral wine cellar is a big decision, but if you are passionate about wine, you may find that you need this dedicated space for your prized bottles. So, once you have made the decision to invest and a bespoke cellar has been fitted in your home, how are you going to use it? There are ways in which you can get the most out of your Spiral Cellar, so take a look at our wine cellar management tips and see how you can organise your custom wine cellar to make it work for you.

Arrange by Age

Most wine collectors are likely to have a number of wines that are ready for drinking as well as many which should be left to age. This is a great place to start when having a good wine cellar management. Make sure the wines that need time to age are kept in harder to reach places to avoid any premature ‘uncorkings’! The wines which are ready to drink should be in the places that are close to hand – you don’t want to have to be searching the depths of your wine cellar for a bottle to enjoy with dinner!

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Divide by Colour

It makes sense to divide your wines by colour – it will make it a lot easier to find the perfect wine when you come to look for one later. Keep your reds, whites, pinks and even sparkling vintages in their own sections of your cellar to help you stay organised.

Arrange by Grape

Once you have arranged your wine by colour, you may want to go a little more in depth into your organisation and sort by varieties. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah may all be types of red, but categorising them at this level will make your pairings easier and more efficient when it comes time to pick the perfect wine.

Sort by Location

Depending on the contents of your collection, you may find that it makes most sense to sort your wines by the location of the grape. This is particularly useful if you have a leaning towards certain locations, allowing you to group your favourite wines together based on their country of origin.

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Organise by Price

Different occasions call for different vintages, and a more expensive wine may be better suited to a special birthday or anniversary as opposed to a Tuesday evening! Think about storing your superior vintages on lower shelves to avoid drinking them before your special occasion.

Wine Cellar Management with the Spiral Library

At Spiral Cellars, we know that it can be difficult to keep track of your wine collection. This is why we have our very own online wine portfolio management platform which makes wine cellar management easier than ever. You can record the vintages in your cellar and add notes to the entries, drawing on the experience of countless other wine enthusiasts. This is a great tool to use to manage and build your wine collection with vintages you will love.

You can even use the platform to buy and sell your wine, taking your collection to the next level!


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