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The latest thing in wine storage

Is your collection outgrowing the cabinet? Upgrade to a cellar.


“In the same way that video failed to kill the radio star, the ubiquitous presence of wine cabinets in kitchens has not diminished the demand for a cellar.

In fact, the presence of such fridges and cabinets in kitchens has encouraged people to become wine collectors, who are increasingly looking for different ways to store their bottles at home in wine rooms. Irwen Martin, the managing director of Wine Corner, a storage specialist, says: “We build wine storage into all sorts of corners and under stairs. These are not grand houses with big cellar spaces.”

Lucy Hargreaves, the managing director of Spiral Cellars, agrees. “People [with cabinets] get the taste for it and then upgrade,” she says. “They will often say, ‘I don’t have enough bottles to fill a cellar’ and will want something for, say, 100 bottles. It is expensive wine, though, and they are proud of their investment and want to show it off to their friends.”

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