The True History of Italian Wine

For thousands of years, people have held a great love for wine. It has long been associated with everything from literature to religion, holding a particularly special place in the hearts of generations. While historians have, until recently, cited the years between 1300 and 1100 BC as the beginning of the relationship between wine and Italy, a recent discovery suggests that this period could have been a lot earlier than previously thought.

A glass of white wine next to green grapes

The History of Wine

The enjoyment of wine dates back thousands of years across different countries and continents. Historians have discovered evidence of wine in China that dates as far back as 7000 BC, showing that humans were enjoying this drink at a time when agriculture was only just starting to be developed. Wine quickly became a drink associated with ritual and religion, holding an almost holy aspect for those who consumed it.

The History of Italian Wine

As Italy is one of the oldest wine-producing regions, the expertise seems to have developed and evolved there over the years, now ensuring that Italian wine is held in high regard by wine connoisseurs all over the world.

The production of wine began to flourish and become established after the Romans defeated the Carthaginians, who were known for their winemaking. Large plantations began to appear across the country, allowing for large-scale wine production. These plantations became so numerous that by the year 92 AD, the Roman emperor, Domitian ordered the destruction of a number of them to allow for the land to be used for food production.

A New Discovery

Historians originally thought that Italy had first experienced wine roughly 3000 years ago. However, recent research shows that this date may not be accurate. After the discovery of large Copper Age pots in a Sicilian cave, researchers set to work, attempting to discover the contents of these pots. They determined that the dating for Italian wine was incorrect as these pots contained chemical traces of wine which could be dated back to the fourth millennium BC, roughly 3000 years earlier than historians originally thought.

This is quite the discovery for Italy and its winemakers, as it shows that the relationship between Italy and wine is far older and more established than we knew before. Perhaps it is the thousands of years of experience that has ensured that Italy remains one of the top wine producers in the world to this day.

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