Wines of the Loire Valley Region

Spanning across 170 miles, the Loire Valley is located in Central France and is known as the Garden of France as a result of the abundance of greenery and vineyards in the region. Asparagus is also in abundance in the region and can be found lining the beds of the rivers.

However, it is the wine which often draws people to this region every year. What makes the Loire Valley a necessary destination for any wine connoisseur?

Landscape of vines in the Loire Valley


Archaeological evidence and historical documents suggest that the Romans were the first to plant wine grapes in this region, as early as the occupation of Gaul in the first century. From this esteemed beginning, the wines of the Loire Valley were considered the best in England and France throughout the High Middle Ages. The wine may have developed over the centuries, but it is built upon a rich soil that has produced wine for almost the whole length of human history. Truly, generations of wine lovers couldn’t be wrong, making this a must-see region for wine lovers.

The Loire Valley

France is the centre of wine culture for many individuals. Bordeaux and Champagne are the typical regions one thinks of when debating the location of the next fine wine tour, however, there are many other regions that produce some of the finest wines that France has to offer. For the white wine lover, The Loire Valley, for example, is an area rich with fantastic flavours and vintages.

Known for its Sauvignon Blanc, Touraine wines which include dry or sparkling, and Muscadet, this is a region with body. It is full of 16th-century châteaux, which are some of the most impressive architecture in the entirety of France. If mixing wine and history is on your tour agenda, then this region is full to the brim with historic tours and tales of the long history of France. Medieval fortresses, Renaissance mansions and cathedrals line the horizon as you drive through these rolling hills. Views which can be completed with the characteristic fruity, crisp and fresh flavours of the region’s wines which are a delight to the palate.

Old village with vineyards


Though slightly smaller than the Bordeaux wine region, there is close to 200,000 acres of land that produce a vast majority of wine every year. It is a region which does experience a difference to vintages depending on the weather. A season of cold spurts, for example, makes it difficult for grapes to ripen fully meaning a less fruity undertone. Vintages that have experienced such weather are often found to be much lighter in colour as a result.

The Loire Valley winemaking is characterised by a lack of barrel ageing, though recent years have seen more experimentation in this area. Due to the climate, temperature control is also a particular concern in the region and heating processes during fermentation is practised in order to complete the process fully.


With such a vast amount of wine to explore even from this one region, there is no doubt that your fine wine room design will grow with every visit. Luckily, a Spiral Cellar has room to store wine from regions across the world. Contact our team on 0203 815 3329; we are always happy to answer any query you might have.

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