The Logistics of Relocating a Wine Collection

Moving house can be a stressful enterprise. A number of things need to be planned in order to enjoy a smooth process; the money side of things and then the more physical worries. One such worry will be, of course, how you will move your expansive wine collection from your old home to the new in your wine room. A prospect which will undoubtedly cause added worry – you don’t want your collection to shatter in the process, after all.

So, what are the logistics behind a wine relocation and how can you ensure that your investment remains unscathed during the process? How can Spiral Cellars help you with moving wine?


An important aspect of moving a wine collection is to assess what wines you have in the first place. Understanding the breadth of the collection is needed for an effective moving strategy. This is difficult and often time-consuming, something you would struggle to do in the day to day of modern life.


It is also a good idea to collect this information for insurance purposes. Moving a collection – especially one that has several or more expensive bottles – should never be taken lightly. As well as insuring the collection on a regular basis. Spiral Cellars offers full insurance for the transportation of your fine wine collection. Nothing is infallible after all, accidents happen and you need to be prepared in the case something does occur.

Safe Packaging

A major concern of moving wine is packaging. Transporting a number of bottles can present numerous scenarios for breakages, so you want to ensure that there is as small a risk of this as possible. Here at Spiral Cellars we put a lot of effort into ensuring that no such breakages occur during the transportation process.


We know the value of a safety in all things concerning a comprehensive wine collection. As such, we strive to ensure packaging is a preventative measure to breakages rather than a last resort if something (such as an unexpected bump in the road) was to happen.

This is also not a process that we rush; after all, a little more time spent is much preferable to losing even one bottle of your collection!

Detailed Unpacking

Once your collection has safely arrived at its new location you may be slightly daunted at having to unpack the many boxes. However, a comprehensive wine relocation service allows for your collection to not only be shipped to the new location but arranged perfectly on your shelves also. Do you like your collection arranged by year? Alphabetically? In size order?

Whatever your preference, Spiral Cellars will cater to your needs and have your collection in an order of your pleasing in no time.

Professional Service


Of course, considering how much money is often tied into your wine collection, if something does go wrong it could cost you a literal fortune. Having a professional and trained team to move your valued collection can be both time-saving and much less costly in the long term.

Are you about to relocate your wine and need a professional service to accommodate your individual needs? Then don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0203 815 3329 or get in touch with our Customer Advisors for a comprehensive assessment of your needs and wine room design ideas.

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